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Climbing the mystical mountain to achieve the "Aburiya Toranoko" concept started in 1991 when our paths crossed at a tiny world renowned restaurant on La Cienega blvd. We all shared the same philosophy of serving "true" Japanese cuisine with market fresh ingredients, esoteric beverages, and service from the "heart". Thus, we created a menu derived from our flavors of "umami" that our moms used to serve us when we were growing up in Japan.
The design and the vibe was a cross between NYC and Tokyo. Urban eclectic and diverse yet compact, cozy, and comfortable. Created by KAMI design and constructed by Projex Japan.

Let us serve you our version of "Tokyo City Cuisine" in the heart of little Tokyo in downtown Los Angeles. In the spirit of hospitality, "irashaimase" or "welcome" to our dream. Brought to you by Passion Project Dining.

Valet Parking Now Available:
Monday - Friday : 6pm - Close / Saturday : 5pm - Close

Daily Promotions:
Monday - Sake / Wine Bottles 50% Off
Tuesday - $2 Hand Roll
Wednesday - 50% Off Regular Menu

Happy Hour:
(5-7pm in dining area and All Night at the Bar)


Aburiya Toranoko Reservations
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